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Optimism with St Philip Neri

There are many entertaining stories of St Philip Neri and the lengths he went to practise humility with joy. These [...]

A Hidden God

God in His mercy often gives us outward signs of inward graces so that we can know Him in our [...]

He’s the only One Who will never let you down

We’ve all heard the saying go, “Jesus is your One True Friend,”, and I would easily dismiss it, not because [...]

Living in the tension: The conflict between our will and God’s Will

Every second, every minute and every hour, God is calling us to be holy. To be good stewards of the [...]

Joy: A Duty of Christian Living

Joy is often elusive to the Christian, it is sometimes even neglected or ignored. For some, being joyful seems tacky [...]

He wants to be part of your life

“It is necessary also to control one’s will so that it is not abandoned to its own inclinations, but it [...]

A Time to Unlearn the Love of this World

“To change our hearts is to learn to love things which we do not naturally love – to unlearn the [...]

Constancy over Quantity

The Marathon to Heaven: A Reflection on Constancy over Quantity As we enter the new year, we bring with us [...]