Author: Alan Migliorato

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Girls need a hero to look up to. If someone asked your daughter who her hero is, would your name come up first? Would your name come up at all?”

The concept of a ‘manly man’ has received somewhat of a bad rap in recent times but Alan Migliorato’s fresh, unique and biblical take on the subject in The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter will have you second guessing all your preconceived notions. Migliorato gets the reader thinking as he delves into a slew of practical fatherhood advice and defines what it means to be a good dad to your daughter.

Anyone who reads this book and takes it to heart will inevitably end up a better dad – even a extraordinary one. How can such a small, humble-looking book accomplish so much, you may ask? With statements like, “You’ve got to stop being an overworked, out-of-touch father, and become the firm but gentle leader of your home,” this tome wastes no words and strikes at the heart of the issue: be there for your daughter.

The need for this book is great, which Migliorato acknowledges, saying that “girls who do not have a strong bond with their fathers are likely to have many more problems socially, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

His tone is raw and personal as he opens up about his fatherhood successes and failures, acknowledging that there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but that there’s also no excuses for quitting on your kids.

Migliorato kicks off the first chapter ‘Introduce Her to God’ with a story about a time when he’d failed to lead his family spiritually and an encouragement to acknowledge a father’s central role in teaching his family about faith. Then, with chapters like ‘Shut Up and Listen’ and ‘Teach Her to Fight’, his essential message is reiterated: manly men put their daughters before themselves. He illustrates that being a great dad means “constantly putting your insecurities aside and humbling yourself to be there for your daughter, no matter what happens.”

This book is not a fairytale full of unrealistic expectations but a practical guide for men who want to be better fathers and better men. According to Migliorato, constant support, leadership and encouragement from a dad is crucial in helping daughters develop into stable, strong, well-balanced women.

He says, “There is a fierce battle happening between Our Lord and Satan for the soul of your daughter. If God is to win, you must do your part as a man, leading her as the Good Shepherd leads us all.”

Migliorato extolls the power of example-based leadership, saying, “Show your daughter how a man should treat a woman by treating your wife with respect and honour.” He also calls out hypocrisy and encourages men to take responsibility for their own actions, saying, “Be the type of man you want your daughter to marry.”

The writing style is conversational, honest and easy to digest with a mixture of quirky subheadings, general advice, helpful lists and clearly defined calls to action. Dads reading this will laugh, relate to the home life ups and downs, and be inspired to kick some bad habits while striving to become the best father possible. It’s not an exaggeration to say that any man can learn from this book – but especially if he’s got daughters.

Migliorato leaves you with one resounding message designed to change the way you approach not only parenting, but life: “Manly men do what is right, even when no one is watching.”

Reviewed by: Lil van Wyngaard – Veritatis Publishing

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

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