The Adventures of Nick & Sam: Perfect Gifts

By Paul McCusker

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Forgiveness is like the glue that helps fix what was broken . . . . Sometimes the relationship isn’t what it was before . . . but it can still be beautiful.

Looking for a book series to read with your kids this April? Meet Nick and Sam Perry, two mischievous seven-year-old twins who aren’t ready for summer to end but sure are ready for their eighth birthday – especially their presents!

Nick and Sam are dying to know what their parents got them for their birthday and don’t know if they can wait. Their mum and dad’s bedroom closet is where the presents are hiding – but it’s also strictly off limits! What will this dynamic duo choose as they face temptation, make mistakes and learn valuable lessons – all with the support of their parents, older siblings Lizzy and Andrew, and their best friend Brad Wilkes?

Perfect Gifts is a story of family, learning curves and the consequences of actions. Nick and Sam know the family rules, but often feel the need to test the boundaries personally. With a series of choices and mishaps, the book brings young readers on adventures packed with fun and faith-filled lessons.

While older children may find the tone somewhat ‘preachy’ and the didactic elements too obvious, this book series is the perfect book to read with your younger children to help clearly explain moral lessons of obedience, thinking before you act, spending your money wisely and listening, to name a few.

The chapters are short, easy to read and feature black and white sketched illustrations to help paint the picture for younger readers. The simple narrative style is a great opportunity for children to build their confidence reading and they will enjoy imagining how the twins will get themselves out of trouble!

Part of a collection of 6 novels, Perfect Gifts is a great introduction to your young ones reading on their own or discussing more ‘big kid’ moral issues. The Perry family are your average Catholic family, who hold to their faith values and raise their children to be thoughtful of others and the consequences of their actions. Families reading this will relate to the sibling rivalry, mischievous adventures, hilarious mishaps, and moments of reconciliation and forgiveness. Pick up a copy today for your school, parish or home.

Reviewed by: Lil van Wyngaard – Veritatis Publishing

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