Written by Geraldine Ann Marshall and Illustrated by Rebecca Sorge

Rating: 3 out of 3.

“God can make miracles when gifts are given with love.”

– Geraldine Ann Marshall

Blurb: When Jesus is born in a Bethlehem stable, shepherd and wise men bring him gifts. But what can two insects and their eight-legged friend give to the Son of God? And how can an ordinary brown spider protect the Holy Family from danger? Join Spider, Honeybee and Cricket as they discover the amazing things God can do with a spider’s simple gift!

Beginning with a simple prayer of thankfulness, Spider’s Gift is a heart-warming advent story of generosity and bravery as Geraldine Ann Marshall and Rebecca Sorge bring a long-loved folklore tale to life. This book is the perfect present to buy for your children, godchildren, or students this Christmas season as a way to start conversations about the nativity. Celebrate the birth of Christ with Mary, Joseph and Jesus – as well as some quirky little characters you’ve probably never heard of!

Spider and her two friends, honeybee and cricket are about to bear witness to one of the greatest events in all of history: the birth of Christ. Everyone wants to contribute a gift for the Holy Family, but Spider has always been ordinary and feels sad because she doesn’t have anything to contribute. Throughout the story, Spider learns that any gift given with the right heart can be truly magical.

The illustrations in this book have a warm, ethereal glow about them, creating a cosy atmosphere that invites you into this special event. The animals are relatable and the descriptions by Marshall paint a tactile and sensory image of Mary and Joseph, setting the scene and placing you in the stable on that memorable night so that you can experience all the magic.

Marshall provides a ‘Spider Folklore and Facts’ page at the end of the book, which kids will find both interesting and informative. She also brings to life the folktale of a spider’s web protecting the Holy Family and describes the nativity in a way that’s both enjoyable for adults and accessible to children.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Reviewed by: Lil van Wyngaard – Veritatis Publishing

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