We’ve all heard the saying go, “Jesus is your One True Friend,”, and I would easily dismiss it, not because I didn’t believe it, but because I found it awfully cliché.

But as I grow older, my circle of close friends gets smaller and as my relationship with the Lord deepens, I begin to realise the magnitude of those words – The Lord is my Friend.

Sometimes it’s the people whom you trust the most, love the most who disappoint you, or even hurt you. And perhaps He designed it this way, to point us to a Love Everlasting. Sometimes we must hit rock bottom to remember Who is really there to carry us. 

When we are still young in the faith, it is most often our hardships that steer us toward Him. This is normal during spiritual infancy. It’s natural to run to God only when we need Him most. But as we grow, we are called to love Him without Him first begging. It shouldn’t take a betrayal to realise God’s loyalty to His beloved.

I’ve had friends come and go but the Lord has been a constant presence. You can grow tired of loving man, but you cannot grow tired of loving God. In fact, the more you love Him, the more you realise how short your love is. The intrinsic longing for God is confusingly complex. In order to fill our hearts, we must empty them before Him. In order to be happy, we must be willing to suffer.

You can always rely on Him to ‘show up’. If you’ve ever been deserted, contemplate His Passion and you’ll realise soon enough just how much He loves you.

He showed up to the Garden of Gethsemane, for all the times I failed to show sorrow for my own sins.

He showed up to His scourging at the pillar, for all the times I failed to mortify my own flesh.

He accepted His crown of thorns, for all the times I was proud.

He carried His Cross every step of the way because He knew I couldn’t do it myself.

And He willingly died on the Cross because He would rather see me live, than be justly punished for my sins.

And the most beautiful part is, He would do it all over again even if you were the only one who needed saving. God doesn’t just love us, He loves you. Until you realise how personal Divine Love is, you will always yearn for it elsewhere.

Speaking for myself, I would always seek fulfillment from others, but it’s always either a dead-end, or a never-ending, tiresome pursuit. I’ve learned to give thanks for all the times I feel helpless, abandoned, or neglected. Heartbreaks can be a humbling nudge toward the Love for which we truly long.

If you’re ever found questioning your worth again, look to the Crucifixion and hear the cries of Jesus saying, you are someone worth dying for. Don’t be surprised or shocked if you are hurt by someone you love. The stains of original sin render all of us incapable of providing the love we desire. We are naturally selfish, but our Lord isn’t. His Love is ready, willing, waiting to be received by you.

“The Greatest Love Story of all time is contained in a tiny white Host.”

Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

If you can’t see the romance in the Eucharist, I implore that you change your perspective the next time you’re in Adoration, or at Mass. This June, the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, allow the love that pours from His Sacred Heart to fill your own broken heart.  Everybody is given Love, but not everybody receives.

The Divine Romance is unlike any other you’ll find in Hollywood movies. There are no flowers, no ‘slow-motion’ moments, alternatively there is something Greater – the offering of His Very Self at the Sacrifice of Mass.

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