20 Answers: Seasons And Feasts


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The Reasons for the Seasons

What is the “liturgical calendar,” and why does the Church use it?

Why does the Church celebrate “feast days” in honor of certain people and events?

Is it true that Christmas, Easter, saints’ feasts, and other Catholic holy days are derived from paganism?

What are some ways that my family can deepen our prayerful experience of holidays and the seasons of the Church year?

In this booklet you’ll find smart, solid answers to these questions and many more.

Just as the natural world has its cycle of seasons featuring light and darkness, life and death (and rebirth), so too does the Christian life trace an annual path marking the sequence of the mysteries of the Faith. 20 Answers: Seasons & Feasts demystifies the “Church calendar,” explaining the beautiful way in which our prayers and observances are ordered throughout the year. It also clears up common misconceptions about certain Catholic practices and offers tips on participating in the liturgical year more fruitfully.