20 Answers: The Rosary


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Pray for Us Sinners Now

Is the rosary biblical?

What are some of the historical signs and wonders associated with the rosary?

If Scripture says that Christ is the one mediator between God and man, isn’t it wrong to pray to Mary for her intercession?

How can praying the rosary increase our faith in God and his promises and help foster greater love and holiness in our families?

In this booklet you’ll find smart, solid answers to these questions and many more.

Everyone recognizes the string of beads with a crucifix on the end as a symbol of Catholicism. But the rosary is not for piety-signaling or hanging on your rear view mirror—it’s a powerful tool for prayer and meditation. 20 Answers: The Rosary reveals the history of this venerable devotion (and how it’s not an act of idolatrous “Mary-worship”), explains the gospel mysteries that it dwells on, and shows you how to pray it more fervently to unlock the graces that God wants to deliver through it.