A Gentleman’s Guide to Manners, Sex, and Ruling the World: How to Survive as a Man in the Age of Misandry– and Do So with Grace


What is a gentleman, and why should every man aspire to be one? Does the ideal still have any value in the age of feminism, “toxic masculinity,” and “men going their own way”? Traditional books on manners and gentlemanly behavior have always claimed that manhood is defined by certain universal principles. But these norms have now changed so radically that the standard advice, tried and true as much of it remains, requires new formulation to be useful to the modern man.

Manhood is not something you’re born into it: it’s something that must be achieved and proven. Dr. Baskerville presents here the frankest guide to manners and morals ever written, offering you a refreshingly honest guidebook on how to become not just a man in the modern world but a gentleman. From his huge reservoir of observations and guidelines, you’ll learn:

Why any man can, and every man should, be a gentleman
Why being a gentleman is not a matter of birth, class, social superiority, or snobbery
How the traditional rules can be applied to benefit the modern man – and those around him.
Why leadership is essential to being a man and a gentleman
How to develop the social graces of polite society without compromising your manhood
How a gentleman should honor women without falling into political correctness
What subjects are appropriate for conversation – and which ones are not
Tips for courtship, marriage, and family life
What are the natural roles and responsibilities of fatherhood?
Why the ideal of the gentleman is inseparable from the responsibility to rule yourself and others

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