A Little Catholic’s First Rosary Book: The Luminous Mysteries Bead-by-Bead Picture Prayer Book


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In this second book of the Little Catholic’s First Rosary series, your child will engage the family rosary bead-by-bead. The mysteries come alive as every bead is a picture… and every picture is a prayer!

Children will love having their very own prayer book! Even before they can read words, they can read pictures. Every prayer in the rosary has its own page, its own picture. Children recognize which prayer to say from the picture.

Each decade of rosary is a story that is brought to life by ten colorful illustrations—one for each Hail Mary. It’s an easy way to teach using rosary beads, too, because along the top of each page you can see what bead you’re on.

Developed through extensive research with hundreds of moms, A Little Catholic’s First Rosary Book will create a foundation of contemplation in your child’s heart and mind, and will foster a genuine love for this wonderful devotion.