Alter Christus Priestly Holiness on Earth and in Eternity


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In this powerful retreat-in-a-book for priests, Fr. Ezra Sullivan, a Dominican professor at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, reflects on the inestimable gift and responsibility of the priesthood.

Utilizing the examples and teachings of the saints, Fr. Ezra explores how “fathers of souls” should shepherd their flocks with God’s self-giving authority and why the Church needs strong, masculine priests to form her children on the road to Heaven. You will learn how to foster devotion to God the Father, how Our Lady is crucial for the sanctification of priests, why St. Joseph is a priest’s model, and how to employ the angels and the saints to intercede for priests. You will be heartened as you see how Abraham’s spiritual fatherhood reveals the spiritual fruitfulness of God and His priests.

You will discover how prayer is necessary for union with Christ and a shield from evil; and how a priest’s prayer helps to accomplish God’s plan for saving the world.