Beatitudes Teachers’ Guide: Living the Life of Christ


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This full-color book features 13 ready-to-use lesson plans on the Beatitudes. By using these lessons, you will help your students come to see that Jesus Christ is the only way to personal freedom, happiness, and holiness.

Every self-contained lesson in this guide is teacher-written, classroom-tested, and scholar-reviewed, and gives you everything you need to help guide your students understand the true meaning of Jesus’ most important teachings.

To help you differentiate instruction, this guide includes lessons at three grade levels. Each lesson is clearly marked with an intended audience/reading level. Based on the students you have from class to class/year to year, you can decide which resource(s) to use with which students.

Each lesson is designed in a flexible, modular format, and includes:

Essential questions
Connections to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Accessible and engaging background reading
Biblical touchstones
Comprehension and critical thinking questions
Warm-up / bell work
Main activity such as primary source analysis, role-playing, structured debate, and many others
Homework and extension options
Bulletin Board extension options for elementary lessons