FAITH SEEKING UNDERSTANDING is a masterpiece two volume set providing the reader with a complete course in Theology. This 632-page book is edited by Fr Charles Belmonte. The late Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Cardinal Sin perfectly encapsulates the primary goal of this outstanding work.

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church, draws its substance and inspiration from Sacred Scripture, Apostolic Tradition, and pronouncements of the Magisterium of the Church. Preserving the Deposit of Faith is a primary ecclesial task of every bishop in the Church, a necessary requirement for his added duties of preaching this Faith, teaching it, and helping the faithful assimilate it into their daily lives.”

“In order to deepen his conviction, the Christian believer for his part harnesses human reason enlightened by faith in studying and investigating the data that Divine Revelation offers him. This is Theology.”

“This book has been written as an initiation to Theology. It follows the clear bearings set by the Catechism of the Catholic Church at every step. The reader will find useful cross‑references to the Catechism and other relevant documents of the Magisterium.”


Volume I includes:


A: Introduction to Theology, by José Miguel Odero

B: Fundamental Dogmatic Theology: Revelation and Faith, by Enrique Moliné

C: Introduction to Sacred Scripture, by Charles Belmonte

D: God One and Triune

E: God the Creator, by Francisco Varo

F: God Made Man: Jesus Christ the Incarnate and Redeeming Word,

by José María Pujol Bertrán

G: God’s Mother, by José María Pujol Bertrán

H: God’s Grace, by Jorge Salinas

I: God’s Church, by Charles Belmonte

J: Sacred Liturgy, by Charles Belmonte

K: The Sacraments, by Enrique Moliné

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