How to Make a Good Confession


How to make your Confessions less difficult and more fruitful.

If you still drag your feet about going to Confession, here’s the help you need to enable you to overcome your reluctance and open your soul to the vast reservoir of mercy found in Confession.

This down-to-earth, practical guide shows you how to transform your confessions from embarrassing moments in a dark room into profound experiences of God’s love. The author, Fr. John Kane, provides solid guidelines for how you can (and must) make the most effective possible use of the sacrament of Reconciliation. Even better, he shows you how to carry the grace of Confession into your daily life, so that you’ll start winning – consistently – your battles against sin.

This is a book you can return to again and again in order to renew your sense of God’s mercy – as well as to gain Fr. Kane’s help in examining your conscience and bringing your life into greater conformity with the light of the gospel.

Get Fr. Kane’s help to confess well and avoid sin:

One truth you must realize, or you’ll never drive sin from your soul
Two reasons why God forgives sin, but still punishes the sinner
Three characteristics of the truly forgiven sinner: do you have them?
Your past sins: startling ways they can help you love God more today
True repentance and its counterfeits: three ways to find the genuine article
How to tell whether you’re sorry for your sins – even if you don’t feel sorry
The embarrassment of going to Confession – how it can actually help you imitate Christ!
The heavy price of your sins: no, you probably don’t realize it, and yes, it’s worse than you think
Why hating sin does not mean hating the sinner
Why true saints will always consider themselves sinners
Sorrow for sin: how it deepens your compassion for others
How to take advantage of Lent each year to overcome your sins
And much more that will help you get more spiritual fruit out of Confession than you may even have thought was possible!

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