Inside the Mind of Thomas More


St. Thomas More is known primarily for his writing of a satirical work about a perfect society, Utopia, a word whose Greek origin betrays a double meaning: perfect and nowhere. But this eventual Patron of Statesmen was not finished writing. Once he was imprisoned in the Tower of London, he poured out his soul in a series of spiritual books which have been recorded but not widely read. Now they are once again available in new editions that have appeared in recent years. Drawing on re-translations into modern English of Mores works on the spiritual life, the authors, both lawyers, examine the overwhelming consistency in Mores behavior between his spiritual writings and his heroic resistance to the tyranny of conscience that was being waged against him, as the only significant opponent to the destruction of the Catholic Church by the King of England. This book is an excellent introduction to all of Mores spiritual writings and should lead the reader to the full pursuit of each of them

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