Inspiration from the Saints: Stories from the Lives of Catholic Holy Men and Women


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“I have come to bring fire to the earth,” said Jesus Christ, and his words have come true in the lives of Catholic saints through the ages—men, women, and children on fire with love of Jesus, and with the desire to spread his word. The intention of this book of inspirational stories from the lives of saints is to fill the reader with this same fire.

The tales told in Inspiration from the Saints cover a variety of themes in the lives of these holy men and women: their childhoods, inspirations, and deaths; their boldness and their humility; their love of prayer, mortification, and the Eucharist; their urge to spread the Gospel; their family life; the impression they made upon others; and much more besides.

Inspiration from the Saints is a book to return to again and again, whenever our faith becomes routine, or the world is wearing us down—a spiritual injection!

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