Into the Cloud of Knowing


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Christians are not immune from doubting the existence of a loving God. In a world ever challenged by the presence of evil, even those who claim a faith can lose hope.

Into the Cloud of Knowing is an invitation to share in Antonio’s personal quest for signs of God’s continuing faithfulness. Set against places as diverse as the ruddy backdrop of Western Australia, the jungles of Rwanda, dusty refugee camps fraught by gunfire, the chaos of the London Blitz or the picturesque mountains of Sicily, the book merges creative non-fiction with biography, theological reflection and social commentary, fuelled by an attitude of hope. Antonio traces accounts of miracles, conversions and healings, angelic encounters, prophetic dreams, deliverances and the wisdom of children, spanning nearly a century.

It is assumed that the mystical life is a dark reality, reserved for only great saints. Yet, our lives are filled with a million moments to help us slip through a rift, a Narnian wardrobe that we will recognise as familiar, yet forever new. Antonio’s gift of love to his children and for posterity, Into the Cloud of Knowing is an invitation to join the countless souls who form the cloud of witnesses, experiencing God’s presence and proclaiming his mercy.

Perth born Renato Antonio is the son of Sicilian migrants. He was baptised Catholic in infancy but became serious about his faith after a conversion experience just before his 16th birthday. His desire to fathom the mysteries of faith and life has led him into the Cloud of Knowing; that place in which one meets, albeit in veiled form, God in our midst.
Reflecting on personal experiences and those of others whose stories have been the catalyst for deeper insight into life, suffering, death and the supernatural, Renato provides a heartfelt reflection on God’s presence in lives spanning nearly a century, in three continents.

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