Last of the Romantics


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“The last of the romantics. Love of freedom marked St. Josemaras life. He had many reasons to be an authentic freedom-lover. For one thing, without freedom, we cannot love. For this reason, he held that in the natural order, Gods greatest gift to man was precisely to have created us free. God wished to run the risk of our freedom, so that we might freely respond to his infinite Love with our own. “St. Josemara was not only a self-proclaimed Romantic, but he also described himself as a sinner who loved Jesus Christ madly…. We are made to love and to be loved. This is why it is so easy to be in tune with St. Josemaras spirit. His message has transformed the lives of many people throughout the decades, and it carries a potential destined to spread throughout the whole world. “This book is an orderly presentation of some of the consequences of the light received by St. Josemara ninety years ago, which remain relevant today.”