Leading Young Catholics Into Scripture


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“This marvelous collection sparks imagination and creativity and deepens childrens’ love of God’s written word.” FROM: Francis J. Buckley, SJ, University of San Francisco

Children remember what they hear, see, and say, but they remember best what they do. That’s what this resource is all about. It’s a how-to book for teaching Scripture that is packed with hundreds of exciting classroom ideas. It gets children “doing.” From dramatization to creating scriptural art, from playing Bible games to motions in response to Scripture, from choral readings to scriptural prayer, all the activities described here are easy to carry out, involve the whole child, and nurture creativity as well as love for Scripture.

Each of the thirty chapters presents a general method to lead students into Scripture: “Personalize Scripture,” “Delve into Symbols,” “Use Quotations and Stories,” and “Study the Holy Land and Maps.” Specific activities and examples illustrate how each method can be carried out across age levels, from preschool to adult. You can adapt the material to your own unique class, situation, and teaching style. The suggestions contained here may also inspire your own creative ideas.

The author’s warm enthusiasm, clear and practical approach, and extensive experience with faith formation add to the value and appeal of this must-have resource for catechists!

Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND, is a noted educator and speaker as well as the author of numerous books on the Catholic faith and spirituality, including The Catholic Way to Pray (Twenty-Third Publications).