No Trifling Matter: Taking the Sacraments Seriously Again


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In No Trifling Matter, Monsignor Nicola Bux, a well-respected Italian professor of sacramental and liturgical theology, offers us a modern primer on the sacraments of the Catholic Church. Bux clarifies the purpose, significance, history, and spirituality of each of the seven “efficacious signs” by which, until the end of time, the Church diffuses the conditions of holiness to receptive people. To this positive exposition Bux adds a warning call regarding the deformations, equivocations, additions, and omissions threatening the primal symbolism of the sacraments in the postconciliar world. In a style at once learned and popular, Bux provides a user’s guide to the sacraments that will help Christians rediscover the mystery, beauty, and power of these immensely precious gifts of Christ, through which he renews his personal presence in every age.

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