Plain Talks On Marriage


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“A good Catholic man loves his wife not only in the first period of marriage, when she is young, beautiful, sprightly, vivacious and generally charming, and when their union still has the spice of novelty and freshness: but he will love her as much or even more as years wear on.”

—Fr. Fulgence Meyer, OFM

Published in the 1920s, this timeless book offers practical counsel and wisdom relevant for every Catholic married couple and those preparing for this great sacrament. Specifically, this book addresses how to form a truly Catholic home, the challenges and various sins that destroy marital love, and above all, how spousal love ought to flourish.

With simplicity and singleness of purpose, Plain Talks’ intimate and reverent style will give you frank, illuminating, and correct answers to the questions that perplex you. Those who read this book will become better spouses and parents.