Pure Power: A Spiritual Workout to Help You Break Free of Sexual Sin . . . or Avoid It in the First Place


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Pure Power is a fresh, encouraging, and transforming how-to journey from flesh to spirit. Do you have a heart that longs to change, but simply don’t know how to begin or don’t even believe you can succeed? You can! But it takes work.

Drawing on the workout warrior in all of us, Pure Power is for anyone stuck in sexual sin of any kind and looking for a way out as well as for those living chastely but in danger of falling. Do you want to begin living for God but don’t know how to begin? Do you feel like you have no one to talk to about issues of purity? Pure Power is a must read!

In these pages, Abisinio reveals the parallels between traditional workout language and spiritual practices:

Warm Up: Identity in Christ
Restocking the Kitchen: Renew your mind
Strength Training: Forgiveness
Stamina Building: 7 Ways to Pray Powerfully
Sculpting: Fasting
Kickboxing: Breaking strongholds
Get ready to have a hope-filled and successful journey turning your struggle of temptation into a life of peace, joy, and absolute freedom in your relationships, especially in the most important one, your relationship with God.