Saint Martin de Porres: The Story of the Little Doctor of Lima, Peru


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“Quick! Where is the doctor?” cried a woman in great distress. “This poor Indian is bleeding to death!” “Dr. de Rivero isn’t here,” answered Martin de Porres, the 12-year-old black boy who was the doctor’s helper. “But don’t worry. I’ll look after the man.” “This is not time for jokes!” answered the woman scornfully. “Quick! Where is there another doctor’s shop?” “There isn’t time,” said Martin calmly. “Here, help me open the door to bring the poor man inside.” The Indian was brought in. “Don’t worry,” Martin whispered to the moaning patient as he got out a clean cloth. “You’re going to be all right.” Did young Martin de Porres really know what he was doing? Could he actually take care of a serious wound all by himself? This book tells what happened next. It also tells a out Martin’s life as a Dominican, plus the remarkable events that kept happening in his life. Here are the stories of Fr. Peter and the salad, of Brother James’ displeasing haircut, of the missing silver coin, of Martin’s mysterious travels, and of the rats and mice at the Dominican Monastery. All in all, this is the wonderful true story of Saint Martin de Porres, his great charity, and the amazing cures and miracles that became common in his remarkable life.”