Salvation Theology


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What does it mean to be saved and redeemed? The Bible often reminds us that we are in need of the salvation and redemption which is offered to us in ChriSt This unique book is an introduction to the rich theological field of soteriology, which examines profound insights contained in Sacred Scripture as well as a wealth of theological reflections present in the Church’s Tradition.

The book has chapters dedicated to salvation, redemption, as well to the mediation of ChriSt The later chapters examine how Christ’s mystery brings us salvation. This text gives special attention to Christ’s Death and Resurrection, but also to how all of the life of Christ is a source of redemption. The book concludes with an analysis of how Christ’s victory over sin and death is made operative in the daily life of the Christian.

Salvation Theology: An Introduction to Soteriology will be a helpful and formative resource for anyone interested in growing in knowledge about fundamental topics of the Christian faith.