The Life and Ministry of St Jeanne Jugan: Foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor


A beautiful dramatic and musical presentation of the life and work of the recently canonized foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Jeanne Jugan. Born in coastal France in 1792 during the deadly years of the French Revolution, the sixth of eight children in a peasant family, Jeanne worked at various jobs as a young woman including stitching, laundry, and nursing the sick. One day in the frigid winter of 1839 she picked up a blind, sick elderly woman laying in the street, and that was the beginning of her great work of founding an order to care for the elderly around the world. This inspiring film shows how that wonderful service to the elderly is thriving today in the USA in homes run by the Little Sisters across the country. Includes a bonus “extra” of the testimony by the doctor who was miraculously cured by St. Jeanne, a miracle used for her canonization.

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