Summer Discovery: The Adventures of Nick & Sam Book 9

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Introducing Book #9 in The Adventures of Nick & Sam!

Summer is coming to an amazing finish for the Perry family. But there’s a lot left to do.

Nick is even more determined to solve the mystery of the fire on Chimney Hill. Sam is driven to answer the age-old secrets behind her artistic ancestor Janelle Perry. And the whole town is wondering if Chaser the Donkey will ever come home again.

It’s a summer of discovery that tests the twins’ understanding of friendship, loyalty, and forgiveness.

About the Series
Nicolas (Nick) and Samantha (Sam) Perry are twins in the Perry family. They moved with their parents, their brother Andrew, and their sister Lizzy, to Hope Springs in the summer. Hope Springs is a fictional town in the mountains of Colorado, the setting of the Hope Springs series. Hope Springs is a multi-faceted series of stories that explores living the Catholic faith in the modern world.This series presents the adventures of the twins, their family, their friends, and the people they encounter at school, church, and in town. This series presents Catholic culture easily and normally, and provides opportunities for readers to think about the consequences of words and actions. Centered around the Perry family, Hope Springs was introduced as short stories in the Signs of Grace catechetical workbooks and now includes novels for First Readers (ages 7+) under the banner The Adventures Of Nick & Sam. The world of Hope Springs also appears in the grown-up novel Blue Christmas. The likeable and engaging characters reflect the sensibilities and struggles of being Catholic in the quirky small town of Hope Springs, playing out their faith at the St Clare of Assisi Catholic Church and School, with their neighborhood friends and adversaries, and in the many adventures that makes the teachings of the Church come alive. This series is written similarly to the Adventures in Odyssey series and the Magic Tree House Series. It is recommended for readers ages seven and up, but can also be read by parents to younger children.

About the Author
Paul McCusker is an American writer most widely known for Adventures in Odyssey, but he has worked on many other types of writing projects: novels, plays, musicals, radio dramas, and movie scripts. Paul now writes for the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre productions and the Publishing Department. He is a convert to Catholicism, and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife and children.

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Summer Discovery: The Adventures of Nick & Sam Book 9

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