The Poor Old Liberal Arts


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This engaging memoir covers fifty years of a lifetime spent in education—from student to university president. The author presents a theme of profound importance for society in general and for the future of education in particular—the loss of the liberal arts in our time, and how to regain them.

When young Robert Gannon was a college freshman in the early twentieth century, it was unthinkable that there would ever be a time when Greek and Latin would not be an essential part of the college curriculum. But over the next several decades, in a world radically altered by two world wars, he saw the liberal arts retreat before the New Materialism.

With wit and charm Gannon recounts colorful episodes and amusing experiences from his many years involved with education and the liberal arts. He reflects on the great impact for good that the liberal arts have had in forming generations of students, and why their loss is such a tragedy. His trenchant remarks on the state of modern education in America and its future prospects make The Poor Old Liberal Arts a spirited, enjoyable, and insightful work.

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