The Power of Four


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The Power of Four offers startling evidence for the existence of a mysterious Biblical code and the four keys that open its marvelous spiritual treasures. Drawing connections throughout the entire Bible, the book revolves around the keys of the four allegorical creatures mentioned in Ezekiel and the Apocalypse, the four collections of Old Testament books, the four structural clues at the beginning of each gospel, and the four sets of seven hidden symbols in each gospel. Unlike the Bible Code, which requires a computer to decipher, or the execrable Da Vinci Code, the genuine “code” behind the Gospels is hidden in plain sight. Offering a view that runs counter to the received wisdom of our age—which considers Scripture as no more than a haphazard collection of writings by time- and culture-bound human authors—the four keys enable us to understand the entire Bible as the systematic work of an Infinite Mind, and ultimately allow the reader to discern the deeper meanings of the life of Jesus Christ. “In his newest book, Dr. Olaguer contemplates the fourfold Gospel in the light of the Old Testament, and vice versa. The results are not only intriguing, but quite illuminating at many points. Drawing from the ancients as well as the moderns, Olaguer’s neo-patristic approach to sacred Scripture is not only clear and accessible to lay readers, but instructive and challenging for Bible teachers. Everybody will come away with deeper insights and greater wisdom.” —Dr. Scott Hahn