Tradivox Volume 7


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Volume 7 of the Tradivox series contains the most authoritative Catholic catechism ever composed: the Catechism of the Council of Trent.

This Tradivox volume stands as the definitive English edition, as well as a scholarly tool of the first rank, by several counts: First and most notably, it recovers the approved and unabridged 1923 translation by the renowned Dominican priests and scholars, Fathers McHugh (d. 1950) and Callan (d. 1962) – their expert introduction, copious footnotes, and recommended sermon cycle have all been retained, offering detailed insight and apparatus for further study. Second, all footnotes have been sourced, expanded, and standardized for the benefit of the common reader, with the translators’ notes clearly marked in order to differentiate them from the original manuscript references. Third, additional citation numbers for the current Code of Canon Law (983) have been included wherever relevant.