Whisper: Finding God In The Everyday


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Do you feel like you can’t “find God”?

What if he is waiting for you right where you are?

In this intimate and down-to-earth book, Danielle Bean encourages women of all stages of life to slow down and experience the little whispers of God that are present in their everyday moments.

Danielle writes about real, heartfelt moments that every woman can relate to. The constant striving after achieving more can be relieved. Even more, the ability to do less with more intention can provide a growing awareness of God’s constant presence and interior peace (even if the exterior is still chaotic).

Whisper is perfect for anyone looking to develop a more intimate relationship with the ever-present God. Grab a copy and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and dive in to learn from Danielle how to grow closer to God.

“Danielle Bean has done it again! Whisper: Finding God in the Everyday is an invitation to be everyday mystics, finding extraordinary encounters with God in our ordinary days. If we will be attentive, there is space for grace to speak to our hearts, leading us closer to our Lord, even as we care for the many needs we encounter in the vocation of marriage and family life.”

–Kimberly Hahn, wife, mother, author of Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage

“She had me at the title, but throughout Danielle’s book Whisper, I found God in baseball, broken pieces, and in ‘not overthinking it.’ This book is beautiful and intimate, itself a whisper from God.”

–Sonja Corbitt, creator of LOVE the Word®️ Bible study method

“Danielle’s encouragement and practical advice to simply rest and be still was exactly what I needed to read as a young mom who is a recovering busy perfectionist—and the words we all need to hear in a world that emphasizes doing instead of simply being. If you’re exhausted and looking for rest, this book is for you!”

–Chloe Langr, author of Letters to Women: Embracing the Feminine Genius in Everyday Life

Whisper: Finding God In The Everyday

In stock