“This book is for people such as my brother and sister. My sister has seven kids, home schools, and doesn’t have a lot of time to study theology. My brother also has a family and a demanding job – he, too. Look at it as a kind of crash course in theology written for busy people […]”

Even with an understanding of theology, there is so much to unpack from this enriching book. I found myself reflecting on small sections, discussing them with family and sharing them with friends. Every read was like a mini retreat. Even on days where I barely had time… five or ten minutes was enough to bring my heart and mind back to God.

Outlining everything from the trinity, salvation history and the sacraments to our mission as Christians, Fr. Gaitley does not waste any time diving into the heart of what we believe as Catholics. Fr. Gaitley said he wants his readers to experience theological knowledge in their minds but, most importantly in their hearts where the truth of Christ should be. He delivers a heavy concept in an engaging and digestible way, with an emphasis on the personal.

Take this brief passage explaining why God is a communion of love:

“[…] while the intimacy of a husband and wife (marital love) is rightfully closed off to and exclusive of others, the intimacy of a mom, dad, and baby (family love) is rightfully open to others. This kind of family love is expansive and includes others, including other children. It’s a fruitful love that multiplies. So, while a marital two is blissful, somewhat exclusive company, a familial three is a happy crowd that grows.

Thus, if we could come up with a God who would make us truly happy, our best bet would be to make one who is at least one-in-three. For, then, we’d have a God who is a family of Love and whose love could reach out to us in our existential loneliness, saying, “Come, join the Family!”

Fr Gaitley divides his book into three main sections, Communion with the Trinity (our final end), Transforming Communion with Christ (Our immediate end) and Mission of Communion (our mission). He also includes an appendix and endnotes, offering readers different books to read if they would like to delve deeper into some of the topics covered.

If you consider yourself to be time-poor but want to really start understanding the richness of the faith – I encourage everyone to dive right in. It is theologically sound but still perfect for those new to the faith, and not too dense that it goes over your head. Gaitley encourages us to truly seek to experience our faith and all the truths we learn.

Reviewed by Ana Santitto – Veritatis Publishing

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