Veritatis has plenty to offers Catholic schools who are looking to solidify and broaden their students’ knowledge of the Catholic Church and faith. We understand how important faith foundation is, not only at the primary age where they are learning the building blocks of Catholic beliefs like the Catholic catechism, mass and eucharist, but also during secondary school, with when students delve deeper into communion and liturgy with resources like the YOUCAT.

We not only provide Catholic books for kids in primary school explaining each sacrament and some papal writings, but at Veritatis we value engaging young readers with entertaining stories and colouring books. We also inspire them to get excited about the Catholic faith heroes with our Lives of Saints and Heroes section, where you’ll find not only story books for kids but books for teachers and adults dedicated to particular saints and important topics. The catechism of the Catholic church is such an essential foundation that we have a whole category dedicated to it called Faith, Formation and Catechesis where we’re happy to be able to provide time-tested Catholic resources online. We also have rosary beads and kits that help bring the catechism to life with colour and fun, teaching kids how to pray the rosary from a young age, as well as the importance of it. For more quality Catholic children’s books, we we’re excited about the imminent launch of our Saint Francis Book Club, a program aimed at providing quality faith-based books for children on a once-a-term basis. The Brother Francis series is already an incredibly popular group of resources that would be well-loved in your school library. For secondary students, our YOUCAT Resources are popular for preparing teens and young adults for the sacraments that they might take in secondary school, as well as living with character and faith in the adult world beyond high school. Our school resources are designed to provide stress free teacher resources online so that you can source all your materials in one place at an affordable price. Our quality Catholic teacher resources support staff across Australia to equip their students in the fundamentals of the faith and make curriculum planning easier. What are some teacher resources you’ve loved and would recommend? Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!